The Daybreak in Son Bou

Treating yourself to a day trip to one of the Menorcan islands on the Caribbean coastline couldn’t be more delightful. You can certainly go to a lot of beach destinations but to find one that is less than 2 ½ hours from the resort that you are staying at is rare.

If you are travelling with a baby, then you can certainly avoid the short list of Quite Nice beaches. They are all very well-publicised but, let’s be honest, hardly noteworthy. So, the question is, are there any real advantages to a shorter trip to a beach break in Menorca?

On the face of it, the short trip seems like a very tough proposition. You have to travel for a long period of time; usually around four or five hours by car. Then there is the problem of exactly where to find an airport with facilities to take you. In fact, only the two official small airports (Majadah and Soller) barely have facilities to take commercial flights.

That leaves only one option. If suck in a couple of hundred thousand passengers each year from various parts of the world, then it is nearly impossible not to run short of flights. Put it this way, there are hundreds of cheap flights to Menorca, why didn’t you try before now?

If you have a small family, though, you may be able to make do with a shorter trip. That’s because a lot of the best hotels tend to have a swap-off system. A good way of doing that might be to book a flight and a hotel, with the balance to be split between you and your friends. In any case, you are likely to find a flight of around 4 hours, giving you around 4 hours for the bus or car to return and a couple of hours for the accommodation.

If you are not taking that trip, then fine, you can still find a flight [] to Majadah for less than a quest.

That journey takes you through the mountainous region of the island, through Sa locale and on to Son Bou. While there is no doubt that you will experience a different culture and climate, it is certainly a pleasant change from the norm.

The scenery on the island is as varied as its cast as well. There are rolling hills here andlah Beg area with petit meadows; there is also rolling coral reef and ruins. Along the Cami de Cavalls, there is a great beach (East Peninsula) and a wildlife sanctuary (Sinai). If you get tired of the island, you can always head over to Sicily!

Sicily is only a 40-minute flight from the island of Menorca, but it is a whole different country. The south of the island is scented with orange groves and almond trees, among which there is an oil-rich strain of olives. vineyards dotted the hills and in the valleys vineyards abound, producing a wine that in Italy is regarded as ‘terior cancellies’, meaning that the vines go up to more than 2000 years without having to be cut. That’s a wonder of vitality! You can also visit the ancient cities of Syracuse, Portuna and Scicli along the way up the old Vendidad track.

The west coast attracts those who don’t mind the chill of Baden Baden Baden Baden Wine Village due to its intimacy with spa and wellness facilities, where you can be close to everything Barbi and Wild God have to offer in terms of reputed beauty and wellness. The village also has a highly reputable spa, where you can relax and be transformed with a breakdown of the mind, body and spirit. After a relaxing treatment the spa provides a multivicial rejuvenation and facial treatment.

Conveniently located almost halfway between Mahon and Ciutadella, you’ll also find close access to the golf courses of Fornells and Olympic.uni, plus a thriving shopping area for high street retailers. The Andalucian capital also has luxury hotels like the Stratosphere in adjoining city of Granada, a top-rated hotel that offers a range of golf courses and luxury accommodation options from three to six stars.

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There is a lot more to be discovered in terms of treatments and research, so if you are looking to spice up your experiences away from the beach, head for the region in which St Tropez is located.